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The Stalder Group is the advising party to its alternative investment fund, Stalder Capital LP. The fund uses a multi-strategy approach utilizing a macro outlook affecting long/short equity positioning, indirect real estate involvement, and derivatives hedging, to produce a correlation lowering effect with true asset diversification. 



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Real Estate

The Groups main approach is in multi-family through several avenues of value appreciation. With new development we utilize joint-ventures, partnerships and traditional leverage for construction. In value-added projects, we find properties in healthy markets with untapped value and implement plan and procedure to bring them to a condition that will create much more value. Raw land speculation is also implemented through acquisitions, equity partnerships, and other alternative deals, to exploit market inefficiencies through entitlement processes, contract flips to associated buyers, and undervalued projects with equity positions available to be made.  

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Consultation and Advising

With many aspects and methods available for investment strategy and execution, The Stalder Group is procurable for insight and guidance on process and procedure for laying out and managing an investment, venture or business plan. We are also present the option to join a project as a general partner or equivalent along with becoming the adviser for the venture or project.  

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